Global Talent Independent, Global Talent Employer Sponsored, Global Talen and Business Attraction

We look at the difference between the global talent independent visa, the global talent employer sponsored visa, and their link to 188 or 132 visas.
Global Talent Independent Programme:

This is a turbo charged Distinguished Talent Visa (124 or 858)It mainly focuses on research/technical professionals.

Global Talent Employer Sponsored Programme:

This is a turbo charged Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (482), it focuses on mainly professionals with an Australian business sponsor.

Global Business and Talent Attraction Task Force:

This is a whole-of-government approach.  The following government agencies : Austrade, Australia Trade and Investment, Department of Home Affairs and their state counterparts actively promotes and participate in the programme.

The government aims to attract exceptionally talent individuals (professionals or businessperson) or a high value business to Australia.  This is potentially a turbo charged Business Innovation and Investor visa (132 or 188).

Quota for 2020-2021 programme year

With the increasing number of EOIs being received by the Global Talent Programme, it is becoming more competitive to receive an Unique Identifier.  It is also worth noting that the 5,000 quota (including secondary applicants) for the GTIP programme for the 2020/21 programme year (01/07/2020-31/06/2021) are being filled quickly.

Please see the update from my colleague, Minh Nguyen,  regarding a potential increase of the quota for 2020/21, and we understand that about 4,000 of the 5,000 quota for 2019/2020 had been filled.

The nature of Distinguished Talent Visa (under the Global Talent Independent Programme) is subjective as compared to other skilled visas, so it is different from other objectively assessed visas – such as skilled independent (189) or state nominated visas (190).

As such, a prepare a well-prepared EOI that best demonstrates the candidate’s suitability to under the GTIP is essential.

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