Update On Migration Planning Levels 2022-23

We knew in September that the planning levels were going to increase to 195,000 places. On 25 October, with the release of the Federal Budget, the government provided us with a breakdown of the migration planning levels, which sees an increase in General Skilled and Employer Sponsored, but a reduction in the Global Talent and Business Innovation and Investment, visa programmes. Below is a detailed table, compiled by Ashton Legal, to show (a) the difference in 2021-22 and 2022-23 planning levels; (b) planning level as of October 2022; (c) percentage of increase between Jun and Oct 2022 levels; and (d) percentage of increase between FY2022 and FY2023 levels.

The drastic increase in the General Skilled Migration programme (Skilled Independent Subclass 189, Regional Sponsored Subclass 491, and Skilled Nominated Subclass 190), as well as Employer Sponsored visas (like the TSS Subclass 482, SESR Subclass 494, and ENS Subclass 186), seems to reflect the current government’s effort to ease critical workforce shortages across all industries and improve the productive capacity of Australian business during the economic recovery.

Although we can see a reduction in the popular Global Talent visa programme, along side business investment visas, there’s no indication that these programmes will cease, altogether, in the future. In order for Australia to remain competitive on the international stage, and to maximise economic growth by shaping an enabling environment for the digital uptake across key sectors, the government will need to continue to attract highly skilled and talented individuals, as well as entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate this growth and competitiveness.

If you need assistance in finding out what the best pathway is for you, in light of the recent changes, please contact us for more information.

Visa StreamVisa Category2021-222022-23Oct-22Δ Jun v Oct 22Δ FY 22 v 23
SkillEmployer Sponsored22,000  30,000  35,000 17%59%
SkillSkilled Independent6,500  16,652  32,100 93%394%
SkillRegional11,200  25,000  34,000 36%204%
SkillState/Territory Nominated11,200  20,000  31,000 55%177%
SkillBusiness Innovation & Investment13,500  9,500  5,000 -47%-63%
SkillGlobal Talent (Independent)15,000  8,448  5,000 -41%-67%
SkillDistinguished Talent200  300  300 0%50%
FamilyPartner*72,300  40,500  40,500 0%-44%
FamilyParent4,500  6,000  8,500 42%89%
FamilyChild*3,000  3,000  3,000 0%0%
FamilyOther Family500  500  500 0%0%
Special EligibilitySpecial Eligibility100  100  100 0%0%
Total160,000  160,000  195,000 22%22%
Partner visa and child visa are demand driven, the numbers are estimates, visa grants are not subject to ceilings
October 22 is the post October Budget adjustment

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