Bringing Global Talent to Australia: Global Talent Visa Explained

Ashton Legal attended the webinar, ‘Bringing Global Talent to Australia: The Global Talent Visa Explained’, which was hosted by the New South Wales Trade & Investment Commissioner – UK & EuropeMs Keirra Smith, on 25 September 2020. We were joined by the Director and Global Talent Independent Program (GTIP) Manager at the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA), Ms Lauren Richardson; Global Talent Officer (Europe & Israel) at DoHA, Ms Jessie Kelly; and Mr Elliot McLoughlin, of ELLUC Projects and successful recipient of the GTI visa.

The information session was both useful and informative in giving attendees a succinct overview of the government’s Global Talent Independent visa program and the minimum eligibility criteria that potential applicants are required to meet. The most interesting, and key takeaway, from this information session would be the following points made from Ms Richardson:

  •  4000 places were filled last financial year under the GTIP quota out of the allocated 5000 places. This included visa grants to members of family units.
  • The Global Business and Talent Attraction Task Force has been set up by the Australian Government earlier this month to target exceptionally talented individuals and successful overseas businesses, in key industry sectors, to who want to establish new headquarters in Australia, especially from Hong Kong
  • Global Talent business area is one of the busiest visa processing area in the Department of Home Affairs as increasing number of EOIs continue to come in daily
  • Due to the success of the GTIP last financial year, the October budget looks promising in terms of quota for the GTI program but we should all stay tuned for further announcements
  • Australian citizen and Permanent Resident nominators (individuals and organisations) do not have to reside in Australia but can be sourced from applicant’s local connections so long as they meet criteria to be nominators
  • PhD candidates have been more successful in meeting the global talent criteria than Master and Honours students to receive Unique Identifier

The success of the GTI program continues to increase as efforts are made by the Australian Government to attract exceptional and highly skilled individuals to contribute to innovation and technological advancement in Australia, – help rebuild our economy – especially during these challenging times.


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