“COVID visa” Subclass 408 – Pandemic Event Stream closing

From February 2024, the ‘COVID’ visa will be closed to all applicants.

On 1 September 2023, the Department of Home Affairs released the amendment instrument Migration (COVID-19 Pandemic event for Temporary Activity (Subclass 408) visa Amendment Instrument (LIN23/061) 2023. This legislative change will close the ‘COVID’ – Pandemic Event – stream under the Temporary Activities Subclass 408 visa to new applications from 2 September 2023, and for subsequent applications by current ‘COVID visa’ holders until 1 February 2024.

What does this mean for you?

The new instrument will affect current Subclass 408 – Pandemic event – visa holders and prospective applicants for this visa:

  • applications made up to, and including on, 1 September 2023 will continue to be assessed under the relevant criteria
  • visa applications lodged before 2 September 2023 will be considered for 12 months validity and 2 years for Temporary Graduate visa holders
  • a visa application charge will be imposed for eligible applications lodged from 2 September 2023 (AU$405)
  • those lodging a visa application on or after 2 September 2023 must hold a Pandemic Event visa that expires in 28 days or less
  • visa applications lodged on or from 2 September 2023 will be considered for up to 6 months stay only.

These changes came into effect on 2 September 2023. These changes mean that if you don’t already hold a Subclass 408 visa under the Pandemic event stream, then you will not be eligible to apply for this visa. In addition to this, if you are in this cohort of eligible applicants, you only have until 1 February 2024 to apply for your subsequent 408 visa having satisfied all other relevant criteria at time of application.

If you are affected by these changes, please get in contact with us to discuss your options.

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