Skilled Migration

Chinese Engineers can have skills assessment under the Washington Accord for Skilled Migration

Engineering Australia has three separate pathways for skills assessment for intending migrants:

  1. Qualifications from a signatory member of one of the accords
  2. Australian accredited qualifications (not all Australian engineering qualifications are accredited)
    • Washington Accord
    • Sydney Accord
    • Dublin Accord
  3. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

The competency demonstration report requires applicants to prove that they have the core technical engineering knowledge in the nominated occupation and they have been applying the technical knowledge in their work/practice.

The Chinese Association of Science and Technology became a full signatory of the Washington accord  early June 2016.

A list of the accredited courses by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology is available here.

Applicants with one of the accredited Chinese qualifications and will have completed the qualification after 2016, will be able to apply under the Washington Accord pathway.  This is wonderful news for those who want to migrate to Australia as professional engineers.

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持有以下大学的工程师学位(2006年后的)的工程师在澳大利亚工程师协会移民技术评估时, 可以通过华盛顿协议的途径, 免去工程师专业能力示范报告的繁琐的要求。

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