Global Talent Nomination – Form 1000 Explained

Form 1000 – Nomination for Distinguished Talent

The Global Talent Independent Program (GTIP) falls under the overarching Distinguished Talent Visa pathway (subclass 124 or 858). We refer to people who are intending to submit a GTIP Expression of Interest (EOI) as “candidate. Once the candidate received a Unique Identifier (UI) and have subsequently submitted a visa application, we refer to him/her as “applicant”.

Nomination by an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen is a mandatory at-the-time-of-application requirement for the Distinguished Talent Visa.  As the Global Talent Independent Visa programme is implemented (applied for and assessed against) the Distinguished Talent Visa grant criteria, the visa applicant must meet the nomination criteria.

What is a nomination?

The applicant is required to produce a completed approved Form 1000. This form requires the nominator to endorse the applicant’s record of achievement to be attested to by a nominator who has a national reputation the same area of achievement as the candidate/applicant.

Form 1000 should also include detailed information as to why the nominator believes you have an exceptional and outstanding record of achievement.

They are also required to attest/confirm that:

  • Your expertise in the specified field is prominent and current
  • You will become an asset to Australia in the area of your nominated expertise should the visa be granted.

Who can be a nominator?

An individual who meets the following requirements can be your nominator:

  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen
  • Has a national reputation
  • In the same area of expertise as you (candidate/applicant)

National Reputation can be demonstrated through the following:

  • Professional standing
  • Evidence of international achievements
  • Current or previous employment history
  • Participation in international or Australian conferences

For example – senior university academics; senior employee in an Australian leading organisation or an internationally competitive business.

Note – Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible NZ citizens living overseas can also nominate you.

An Australian organisation – this includes any organisation registered in Australia or authorised to carry on business in Australia.  It should have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

When should the nomination be secured?

Although, the Form 1000 nomination form is an “at-the-time-of-application” requirement, i.e., there is no legislative requirement that you must identify a nominator in your EOI. However, Ashton Legal highly recommends that you have identified a high calibre nominator and provide a signed Form 1000 at the time of the EOI.

Information provided by an accepted nominator who has a national reputation in relation to the candidate/applicant’s area of claimed achievement would, to a great extent, enhance your claim that you have a sustained international record of achievement.

We have secured nomination for GTIP candidates across a wide range of target sectors, which has helped our clients to secure the unique identifier.  Please reach out to us if you would like us to find a nominator for you as well as assisting the nominator to prepare a strong submission to accompany the Form 1000.












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