Global Talent Series June 2022 – Part 6

The Australian agriculture industry is a fundamental pillar of the Australian economy. It is currently worth AU$66 billion. There are areas of opportunity and innovation that will improve the sustainability and profitability of the industry, which can be found in the development of our Agri-business, Food Technology (FoodTech), and Agricultural Technology (AgTech) capabilities.

AgTech is innovative developments used across the value chain to improve efficiency, profitability and sustainability. It includes software, hardware, business models, new technologies and new applications.

FoodTech is an emerging sector that explores how technology can be leveraged to create innovative foods such as alternative proteins, novel ingredients and functional food. This sector also encompasses developments in bio-materials and bio-energy in the sustainability of the food supply chain.

For investment opportunities in Agribusiness and food, please refer to:

Australia is looking for highly skilled and talented professionals throughout Agribusiness and AgTech sectors – from on-farm to food supply chain, to finance, and machinery to technology and innovation – for the long-term success of the industry. Examples of some specialisations in the industry, which can be considered for the Global Talent Independent visa:

  1. Agricultural data analytics
  2. Biologists/Biotechnologist/Synthetic Biology specialists
  3. Blockchain technology
  4. Commercialisation experience within the industry
  5. Biosecurity, Disease Management and Prevention
  6. Alternate proteins for human and animal consumption
  7. Foodtech
  8. Precision engineering
  9. Product packaging, authentication and verification
  10. Predictive analytics for geospatial analysis, crop management and climatic forecasting
  11. Wearable technologies, including trackers
  12. Technologies for farm management, weather, seed optimisation, fertiliser and crop inputs, and irrigation, including drones, robotics and related capabilities
  13. Precision measurement and/or application of farm inputs such as nitrogen and pesticides, gene editing, nanomaterials and synthetic biology

Exceptional candidates

Director of a world-renowned research centre for livestock genetic engineering with proven results in applying research to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency across the industry.

Strong candidates

Highly regarded and cited post-doctoral researcher in the field of robotics and automations in Agriculture, with ongoing industry collaborations.

The following experience or professions would not usually meet the parameters of the program:

  • Farmers and agricultural technicians
  • Food safety managers
  • Chefs and cooks



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