Global Talent Series May 2022 – Part 4

Fintech Australia

The FinTech or financial services sector in Australia has experienced significant growth in recent years. There’s over 800 FinTech companies based across Australian State and Territories, which makes Australia one of the most exciting and dynamic landscapes for FinTech to thrive.

The Australian market also features a diverse range of start-ups entering into many FinTech subsectors across the country including payments, wallets, e-invoicing, supply chain lending, as well as emerging fields such as challenger banking, blockchain, InsurTech and RegTech.

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The Australian government is looking for exceptionally talented professionals in the FinTech and financial services industry, with a demonstrable international record of achievements. The below are examples of some specialisations in the industry, which can be considered for the Global Talent Independent visa:

  1. Financial data science and analysis
  2. FinTech cyber and data security
  3. Cloud technologies
  4. Software engineering and application programming
  5. User experience including natural language processing
  6. Digital assets including decentralised finance applications, digital asset marketplaces and nonfungible tokens (subject to Australian government regulation)
  7. Blockchain engineering (often noted as Full Stack Developer)/solutions architect
  8. RegTech
  9. WealthTech
  10. InsuranceTech
  11. Neobanking
  12. Digital wallets and crypto-currencies
  13. Automated and predictive financial advice
  14. Next generation lending, investment and wealth/fund management
  15. Platform banking and payments (e.g. contactless, DLT based layers, Lightning Network)

Exceptional Candidates

CEO and founder of a digital asset and financial services enterprise, globally recognised for their outstanding innovation through successful application of business models and technology.

Strong candidates

Executive of a multinational corporation in global financial ICT strategy consulting, artificial intelligence and cloud strategy development, risk and insurance market operations, and global financial services operating models.

The following experience or professions would not usually meet the parameters of the program:

  • Traditional bankers (except C-suite executives for major financial institutions)
  • Retail bankers
  • Accountants and account managers
  • Financial advisors and stockbrokers

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